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Questioning the narrative.

What is going on?

No, really. What is going on?

Who actually gains from all of this suffering and economic destruction.

As they see it the Enigma Owls, sat on high, have suddenly opened their great collective eye. Silently they watched from the shadows but the great beast has struck. The master has drawn in the strings. The marionettes have come to life and have shown their true nature. No longer still but still soulless.

Did you blink and miss it? Where you even watching? Listening?

Trust me, you are not alone.

What woke me up, who woke me up . . . it’s beyond me. Like writing! But then, I think I know. Something outside of the pyramid scheme. Something I’m not worthy of.

The all encompassing spider web is in position, ready to drop. Roll it out, ever advancing. Filling the skies, a grid and a matrix. I can connect and download in super speed, energy, it’s all for the best, we are all one and it’s for the greater good. Vampires.

I’m taught I need an identity. Everyone is entitled to identity.

Can I start again? Trade mine in? Go off-grid? No, not from the spider web.

Responsibilities. Reliance.

Chest is tight. Stress? Illness? Stress and illness. All created, all fake, why do I listen? CONTROL. Responsibilities. Reliance.

Nobody is paying attention. Ignorance is bliss. It won’t happen to me. Keep my head down and carry on. Lockstep.

It is impossible to wake up those pretending to be asleep.

Army on the streets. What will be next.